Friday, November 12, 2010

SPF Supporter - Elaine Duchesne

Over the past 3 years, Elaine Duchesne from Stony Plain has joined us in encouraging the Kukulu community. Elaine's main focus has been in working with the women.

Some days have found her painting toe nails under a tree with about 100 other women who wanted their nails painted. Other times, she has engaged in deep conversation about life in general or many questions about the differences between Canada and Africa.

She has contributed to Sunday morning worship services as she has shared and provided music for the service. Elaine plays guitar and piano and sings - so she can adapt to almost anything.

This past year, she gathered children together to learn some fun songs on a hot April morning - the children loved it as they learned new songs with the Mazungu (white person).

When she returns to Canada - she starts making plans for the next trip. At this time, that will be returning in 2012 and is encouraging others to join her !

Thanks Elaine for your wonderful contribution to our efforts to "empower people in community" - you are much appreciated. Everyone looks forward to your next visit to Kakulu.